Monday, October 13, 2008


Today was an awesome day! I spent most of the morning hours getting the things that I sold (over the weekend), at ready to ship. Plus I was able to catch up on bookwork.

After lunch I went outside. The weather was perfect for working in the yard!
I was able to mow the yard and clean up some of my flower and herb beds. The basil, oregano & thyme, all grew like crazy this past summer. There was a nice fall like breeze the whole time that I worked. It felt so good!

It really lifted my spirits, and put my mind at ease! We all have been sooooo heavily burdened with the worries of the economy and the election. I recommend that every body should get outside and dig in the soil or putter in your gardens every now and then. (It really is good for you!)

Tomorrow I plan to list some new items on eBay. Also I would like to clean my garage out!!!!

I hope you all had a Great Day!

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