Saturday, October 18, 2008


You sure can tell fall is here! I live in the middle of a woods, and I'm beginning to wonder if there is a lawn under all those leaves!

I need to have the grand kids over to help me rake and then they can jump in the big piles like I used to do when I was a kid! Such fun!!!!

Today I spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning. I also blogged on my other blog where I post my recipes. If you want to check it out it's at , I still need to go to twitter and catch up there.

I still need to list some items on eBay. My eBay name is gpaandgma if you ever want to check it out. It's a fun way to clean out your closets and yet make a little extra moo la while your at it. Mostly my greatest amount of listings are at which is a part of eBay.

I guess it's getting time to start on dinner. Hope everybody is having a great Saturday!!!!

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