Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living Day to Day In These Tough Times

Today more than ever, we need to be thankful for those things in which we already have! Make use and share with those in need!
I'm in my middle 50's and have very little that I need and way toooo much that I have already accumulated! I'm not rich!!! But yet I feel very fortunate for the knowledge my parents passed onto me, as far as survival in tough times. I know how to garden and then can and put away food for my family. I would love to be able to share this with young people and older also, if they need help. I also love to cook and sew and these things come in handy at times like these. If you need help coming up with something, just ask!

We need to tighten down the hatches as far as spending! Get back to the basics! We went through Hurricane Andrew and lost everything we owned; our house, business, and all belongings. At the time we had our own 4 children plus 2 foster children. It was tough!
And you would be surprised at how much you can live without! Believe me, we found out! And we got along just fine. I feel we actually are better off, from going through that experience! Although I would never wish it upon anyone!

As far as this bailout bill not being passed, I'm for letting wall street work there own way out of this mess. And hopefully they will learn from their mistakes! I don't think we as the people should be made to suffer from their mistakes!

We had to pull ourselves back up from complete loss after the hurricane. And we never had one penny of help! We had been married 20 years and lost everything that we had accumulated and saved for during that period of time. It was hard, but we survived!

If anybody has any ideas to help family's go from day to day and make the best of it , please feel free to post!

Have a great day and keep your chins up!

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jlarson750 said...

That's my mom and I am proud of her!!