Monday, November 24, 2008

An Idea for Christmas Gifts

Why not make Christmas really special this year! We did this with our family several times and everybody loved it.
Make a rule that this year nobody can buy a gift to give to another person. Let each person come up with there own idea of something that they can make.
One year we had homemade apple butter, noodles, bread, peanut brittle, marshmallows, hard tack, fudge, taffy. Homemade, flannel pajamas, fleece blankets, wooden shelves, wooden toy wagons, wooden barn shaped toy boxes, wooden paper towel holders, wooden cutting boards. Homemade pot holders, cross stitched bread basket liners and etc.
It can be as small as a homemade book mark , it just doesn't matter, a homemade gift will be treasured forever! They are made with love and mean so much more than anything that you can ever purchase in a store!

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Chef E said...

My daughter loved cats, so I give this a great big thumbs up!