Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here we are coming in to the last few weeks before Christmas! My head is spinning! With 14 grandchildren to shop for and 9 children (including spouses), it becomes a real challenge to figure out what each person would really like! My husband says I worry about it tooooo much! Hes probably right!
The tree is up, most of the shopping is done. I just need to finish with my wrapping. And still waiting on the UPS orders to come. I love Internet shopping!
I need to start making candy and baking. And finish cleaning.
Today we are under Tornado watches until 3:00 pm. So strange for December! It started to rain yesterday and is still raining today. It's probably going to get colder after this front moves through! Well, I'll just keep burning my wood stove! We never used it much before this year and then our son talked us into starting it and now I love it! It's so much warmer heat, than our electric heat!
This year I took my grandchildren shopping for there families. It was so much fun! They really seemed to enjoy it. Now they have secret gifts under their trees that Mommy and Daddy has no idea whats in them! It lets them receive the gift of giving!
I hope you are enjoying this Holiday Season! And Remember the Reason of this Season, that Jesus was born on this Holy Night! Bless you all, take care, and be happy!

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Chef E said...

Oh, I love it, it is beautiful! My son took out his, so I guess since he is feeling better we will put it up on Friday, and then I will post our Charlie Brown tree, hehe

Have yourself a Merry little la la la...Jingle Bells, Jingle la you got me in the spirit!