Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today I found myself thinking back to yesteryear when I was a child all excited waiting for Christmas to come. How different it was back then.
My Dad was a farmer in Ohio in the summer and then we would winter in Florida, for my Moms health. We had a home both places and all my life until I was married that was our routine. To pack up our clothes around the first of October and head to Florida and then stay until April and head back to Ohio. We would start school in Ohio for the first month and then attend in Florida and then finish the last month in Ohio.
Christmas Day was always warm and we would play outside after opening gifts. Mom would have over our friends who were also wintering in Fl, as their families were in the north. Everybody would bring a dish while Mom would fix the turkey and ham. It was always a wonderful meal!
My Dad was very frugal with his money, I suppose that came from going through the depression.
There was 5 of us kids and we usually received one gift each probably not costing more than $5.00. There was always socks (usually our knee socks) hung and we would get a tangerine, pecans, and a candy cane and a pack of gum. Somebody would get a switch (off of a tree), we would never know who till Christmas morning.
Dad would go out in the country and cut a tree for free. Then we would get to help decorate it. We would string popcorn and there were pretty bulbs and lights and tinsel. We would rub it back and forth on our upper lip and make it look like we had mustaches! (the silver rubbed off)
We were very happy children with no burdens on our shoulders! My folks never talked about problems around us. If they had any we never knew.
It was a simple Christmas with out all the stress that we all seem to have now.
My wish for Christmas is that Families all over the world could have that stress free, safe, relaxing Christmas that I once knew as a child!
The world has changed, and our children and their children and on and on have so many more things to worry about. I PRAY for PEACE, COMFORT and JOY!!!!!


Chef E said...

The holidays were a big deal for me as a child too...but I guess because my son does not have his sister (my daughter passed eight years ago) around to motivate him, he has no desire to decorate...for some reason he got the tree out, but he keeps putting it off...hopefully one day he will get sentimental and come around!

jlarson750 said...

Mom, your tree looks really pretty!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

Tootsie said...

your memories are very special! your tree looks great!

nice to "meet" you!

Susie Q said...

This was just wonderful to read...your memories are so dear and your tree is beautiful!


Geri said...

I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday and it was so important to me as a child. It was great reading about your childhood memories.

Really like you tree.