Sunday, January 11, 2009



Here we are already into the middle of the first month of a new year! Time flies!!!!

We traveled to Indiana to visit our son Joshua and his family over Christmas. On the way to Indiana we received a call from our daughter in law, as she was heading to the hospital to meet our son whom had just cut his finger off in a table saw at work. He got his index finger on his right hand. They were not able to save it. So we were there to help him mend and get use to the idea of it all.
My husband re plumbed their house as there pipes were the old iron pipes that they used 70 years ago. He also built in a microwave above Emily's stove. We split wood and stacked it for future use as they heat with wood.
In the evenings we played a new game called Blockus. It's really fun! Christmas was really fun as they have 4 children and you can just imagine the excitement in that household!
We returned home by the 5th of January. And so did the painters!!!! They finally finished this past Friday! I'm so glad to have that all behind me!
February is just around the corner and we will soon be getting the garden ready. We usually plant peas in February. I plan to put an electric fence in to hold out rabbits and deer. I need to take a look at the Burpee catalog and get garden seeds ordered. With the way the economy is I feel the need for a garden is greater than ever!!!
Well I feel I'm already plunging into the new year head first! I hope to get back to my recipe blog also!
I hope this finds you all well and happy! Any questions on gardening or canning, I will be happy to reply! Take care my friends!!!!

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I agree where does it all go!