Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Son Joshua And His Family

This was taken after we came down from our ride.

I'm Back! It's Been A Long Summer!!!!

This past spring and summer has been very busy and I'm sorry that I was away for so long but with gardening and summer visitors and then a 3 week trip with my hubby up the East Coast and into Maine there just was no blogging time! Now with fall and winter around the corner I hope to get back on track!

My oldest daughter and her family has just moved to Pennsylvania, which leaves me feeling very sad!!!!!! But I know that it is whats best for them, so I'll try to get over it!

Our youngest daughter is expecting her third baby and will be a home birth and is due in October. Please say a prayer that everything goes okay for her! This baby will make our 15th grandchild!

Lets see...... Since I last wrote we planted garden and did the canning thing and etc.
In July my oldest Sister from Wyoming and my husbands brother from Ohio and his wife came for a visit, also our youngest Son from Indiana and his family came in June.

Then the middle of July we headed up the coast, starting in North Carolina and ending up in Maine. Then back through Lancaster PA and into Ohio and Indiana to visit family. It was a wonderful three weeks!!!. Spent time on the boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ. Was able to go view where 9-11 happened and toured Manhattan NY! Went to Cape Cod MASS. Plymouth MASS also! Ate lots of lobster and seafood!!!! Did some antiquing! Viewed lots of light houses, which I LOVE!

While we were in Indiana we took our son and family to a dairy farm called Fair Oaks Dairy. It was awesome! Was able to see a calf being born and how they milk and make cheese and homemade ice cream.

Also went to a place called Conner's Prairie, where we took a ride in one of the worlds biggest helium balloon's. The whole setting for this place was done to be like the early 1830's and 1860's. Was really neat!

Needlessly to say it's been busy, and I loved every minute of summer, but I'm now open armed and waiting for fall and a slower pace of life!!!

Hope this finds you all well and hope to hear how your summer went!